Kate Toft Madsen

Explore new paths inprayer

My name is Kate Toft Madsen, and I give spiritual direction and individually guided retreats

Top view of religious male crossed hands in prayer


Prayer is the lifting up of the heart and mind to God. The important thing is to let God know what’s in our hearts. How do we know what that is? By looking inward. Spiritual direction and retreats help us to do that.

Spiritual direction

As director I listen, observe, and ask questions as to where God is active in your life right now. At the end of the session I may suggest a text, a bible contemplation or something totally different that you can try praying with.


I give individually directed retreats. Together we agree on how many days the retreat will last. During the retreat you receive direction once a day via skype/zoom. You “pull out the plug”.

About me

I was born in Chicago and came to Denmark as an exchange student. I returned later in connection with my studies and met my husband. I’ve lived in Denmark for more than 40 years and direct in Danish and English.

My faith journey

I grew up in the Catholic church, but lapsed. I wanted prayer back in my life. Thanks to a colleague who was a Baptist, I discovered Taizé services, and from there I found my way to the Saint Joseph Sisters’ retreat center in Denmark, Stella Matutina, and from Stella back to the Church. The sisters work with Ignatian spirituality in the tradition of Ignatius of Loyola. It has become my path too.